Tips to Deal with Toronto Traffic

Every year thousands of tourists come to Toronto to visit this amazing city. And each year they face the horrible traffic jam of this city. The traffic condition can ruin the Toronto experience for the tourist. If you are making a plan to visit Toronto, you should also think about how to deal with the traffic here while staying in this city.


You will find roads under construction, block roads, building under construction, roads closed due to parade or carnival in this city. You must be aware of those situation otherwise your plan will be ruined due to traffic.

Here are some tips to deal with Toronto traffic:

Understand the Traffic Signal

If you see a red light on the road, it means you have to stop right there. It is the case in most countries, a red light is shown to stop the flow of vehicles. However, in Toronto red light means some cars can pass and the others will have to stop. To be more precise, eight cars can pass after the red light and the ninth car have to stop until further signal. So you have to keep the count of how many cars are passing after red light, otherwise you will be in trouble and can create a traffic jam.


There will be a lots of twists and turns in the city roads of Toronto. Taking turns on the road is also a bit different in Toronto than other big cities. You are allowed to take a turn from the left lane to the right lane without showing an indicator. The drivers of Toronto will understand that you are about to take a turn, you don’t have to signal anything. Taking turns from center to left or right lane is also allowed.

Arrow Marking on Roads

You will find plenty of arrow paintings on the road while driving in Toronto city. These markings are there for a reason and you must understand those painted markings. In most cases, these arrow markings are just the work of graffiti artists. You don’t have to pay any attention to those arrow marks as they don’t mean anything, it’s just artwork. If you get confused with arrow mark, just follow the sign board by or above the road. You can also ask other drivers to assist you about these signals.


You will need taxi service in Toronto to move around the city. There are also some rules when it comes to Toronto taxi service:

  • All taxis are allowed to drive on the center part of the road
  • Taxis have to follow your order if you scream for hire and they must negotiate price with you
  • There are also some other rules for taxis like they can take u turn blocking the road

One Way Street

You will also find one-way street sign while driving in Toronto city. The signs mean the same thing like other big cities. You are not supposed to face any opposite cars while driving on a one-way road.

Best Transportation Limo around Toronto

Toronto is a very busy city with over 2.8 million residents in Toronto alone and 5.5 million in the GTA area, many of which at times would be heading to the town to enjoy this vibrant city and what it has to offer. You can imagine with this population and growing, comes excessive amounts of traffic and jam in the city. When its the weekend in the city and especially in the evening, it is wise not to be driving to or in the city whether you live in the city or outside and consider other options for transportation. You also want to be enjoying what the city has to offer wisely by not drinking and driving so just have a good time and look at how we evaluate the transportation in the city.



The advantages of taking a taxi in the city is their abundance and availability anywhere around the city and so it is very convenient however there is a few cons you might want to consider when you decide to take a taxi ride to and from your destination. Taxi drivers drive slightly aggressively in Toronto, I figure it comes from being around congestion and crowds all the time, therefore when you ride a taxi in Toronto consider that the driver might be angry and aggressive and thus might not be driving in as much caution and safety. As a result this might cause some passengers in the taxi to feel nervous and stressed from the beginning of the night and might not feel as comfortable. Additionally, as much as at times it may seem affordable, taxi’s charge you by a digital meter and therefore if you get stuck in a traffic jam somewhere, the meter will be ranking up and your bill will be mounting up.



This is a very safe, cost efficient and cheap way to be moving around the city. Lets look at the cons: yes its affordable however subways can tend to be over crowded in peak times in Toronto and in non peak times, you will not be having the subway be passing by as often and so you will have to wait at times. In addition, if you are dressed up to go to a nice evening out, be ready to be doing a lot of walking and moving around from train to train since the city subway is not as connected and convenient depending on where you are coming from.

So if you take the subway you need to factor a good enough time prior to your evening to get to your destination. Do not forget too that the subway closes at 1:00 am and so you would need to consider other options if you are heading back to your home after this hour.


A limo service in Toronto is more expensive than a taxi drive, however I would have to say this is the best form of transportation around the city if you are able to afford it. Limos are nowadays way more affordable then they used to be and are very convenient if you book them ahead of time. It would be best if you are on limited budget to book a limo with a couple of friends to share the cost and that way it becomes extremely affordable.  The advantages is that you will have a fixed price whether you encounter traffic jams in the city or not, so you go in knowing what to expect and pay. Additionally, there are many other advantages such as safety in riding in limousines. Toronto Limousine Service companies such as focus on their customers because they want you to come back and so will provide you with amazing service and comfort. Their drivers are trained to handle all weather and traffic  conditions and to provide good customer satisfaction so at the end your opinion counts. And if you are stuck in traffic some of these limousine cars offer drinks and bar services in the car and so provide you with the convenience to enjoy the ride while you reach your destination in style and luxury. You will definitely be impressed and your night will be one free of stress to start off.

Cultural Events of Toronto


The city of Toronto is a great place to explorer cultural diversity. This is a city with a rich history of culture and arts. If travelling is your passion, you may already know about the rich culture of Toronto. Although London and New York are said to be the most culturally enriched cities. But Toronto comes right after those two. Toronto is a place of dynamic cultural and many different types of festivals. Every year thousands of tourists comes to visit this city for its cultural attraction. If this is your first time in Toronto, you shouldn’t miss the following cultural events.

The city of Toronto has a large numbers of dance companies. You will find plenty of ballets events in Toronto. You will certainly enjoy these dance and ballet events. The Opera Companies of Toronto are also famous worldwide. So there are plenty of cultural events to enjoy in Toronto like Orchestra and Symphony. If you are a music lover, Toronto is certainly the best place for you to be. The Four Season is one of the most popular cultural center of Toronto. There are also some other theaters which are also famous like Roy Thomson, Elgin and Winter Gardens.

Door Open Day

This is one of the most important cultural event of Toronto. The idea behind this festival is also very interesting. There are some historical buildings in Toronto which are closed to public around the years. But once a year these buildings are open for general crowds. This is one of the most popular event of Toronto. Thousands of people gather in this event to enjoy the historic building sights.

Auto Show

Another popular cultural event of Toronto. This is also one of the biggest auto shows around the world. Every year thousands of people gather in this auto show. If you are a car lover than this event is a must go for you. This auto show shows latest concept and new cars. The technologies are breathtaking and the cars are latest. Usually this event displays cars which are likely to launch soon in the market. So you will get a great opportunity to enjoy the sight of these beautiful cars by coming to this event.


This a great festival for tourist coming to Toronto from different parts of the world. This festival celebrates the rich culture of immigrants from Caribbean. This festival is full of colors and life. You will certainly like the festive mood of this event. There is a costume event where people with colorful and different costumes participate. This festival is quite similar to the one held every year in Rio. You will certainly find the same vibe in this festival.

Photography Festival

This is one of the most important event for professional photographer. The Toronto Photography Festival displays some of the best captures taken around the world. This is also quite prestigious event for professional photographers. This events exhibit galleries of different photographs taken by photographer around the world.

Why you should only let professionals handle your carpets


There are loads of people out there who absolutely dread cleaning their carpets. And who could blame them, honestly? It’s sometimes so complicated and time consuming that you’d rather be doing anything else. Even the most dedicated housewives will tell you that cleaning carpets is not an ordinary job. Do we even have to mention how many products and types of equipment you are supposed to use? That’s simply awful! Who has the time to figure out what cleaning products are right for their carpet and what cleaning products will just tear it apart?

We’ll tell you who: carpet cleaning companies! People who are especially trained to deal with all your stains and other carpet problems you might have. So instead of wasting your time and not doing such a great job in terms of carpet cleanliness, you can pay someone else to do it for you, our cleaners are actually an Canadian province wide carpet cleaning company in Montreal, SOS Nettoyage De Tapis Montreal. When cleaning professionally, you will not only save time and be able to enjoy other (more pleasant) activities but you will also know what a clean carpet actually looks like. Apart from that, even if it may seem that hiring a specialist to do this job will affect your budget, it really won’t. Think again about all those cleaning product you have to buy. Think of how much they cost then reassess your decision. Although it may seem like an overstatement, it’s really not: in time you will surely end up saving money.


I, for one, have always hated cleaning my carpets. My main problem is definitely hair. If you also have the misfortune of owning a cat or a dog or really any pet that sheds its hair, then you definitely know what I’m talking about. No matter how much I would vacuum my carpets, I never seemed to be able to get rid of all that hair. Just like my washing machine makes my socks disappear one at a time, my carpets also have a mind of their own. It honestly feels like they are producing the hair.

It doesn’t look good, it’s not healthy and it is, altogether unpleasant. So the thing with professional carpet cleaners is that they have these magical items of equipment and these magical products that actually work wonders. I obviously fist called them as a one – time thing in a moment of sheer desperation. The results were truly amazing. I had honestly forgotten what the true colors of my carpets really were up until these guys showed up. Unfortunately, no matter how much I tried to replicate their results afterwards, I was unable to do so. This is why I’ve made the decision of letting professionals deal with my carpets from that moment on.

It’s simple, quick and not to mention effective! Not only did I recommend this to all my friends and family, but I am also recommending it to you!

Four events in Toronto you can’t miss this summer


If you have not visited Toronto yet, then you should probably know what you have been missing. The highest populated city in Canada, and the capital of the province Ontario, Toronto is one of the most cultural active metropolis of the world. So if you happen to be one of the 25 million tourists who visit Toronto each year, here are some events you might want to attend to this summer.

Pan American Games

Jeux panaméricains de 2015 à Toronto in French, this is the third most important international sportive event in the world. This event takes place between the 10th and the 26th of July, and it is actually the third time it is hosted by Canada. There are no less than 6,135 competing athletes representing 41 countries in the Americas. So if you are interested in sports such as swimming, archery, boxing, canoeing, cycling, skating or weightlifting, then this is the perfect event for you.

 Beaches International Jazz festival

This event is at its 27th edition, since it first took place in 1988, and just like the Pan American Games it is held between the 10th and the 26th of July. The three week jazz marathon will give you the opportunity to listen to live performances from artists like KC Roberts & The Live Revolution, Melbourne Ska Orchestra, Jayme Stone & The Other Side of the Air, Dawn Tyler Watson & Ben Racine Band or Michelle Wilson & The Evil Gal Festival Orchestra.


 Toronto Summer Music Festival

This classical music festival is celebrating its 10th edition and it takes place between the 16th of July and the 9th of August. This year’s theme of the festival is „The New World”, mostly a celebration of the Pan Am Games, which are also hosted in Toronto earlier in the summer. If you happen to get hold of some tickets, then you may have the pleasure of enjoying the music of world class artists such as Ingrid Fliter or Karita Matitla.

Toronto’s Festival of Beer

This Beerfest is held between the 24th and the 26th of July at Exhibition Place, where it has been taking place since 1994. There are about 30,000 people attending this event every year, which has actually made it the largest of its kind in Canada. It features over 120 brands of beer around the world, but it is mostly focused on local breweries. Apart from beer tasting, there are others activities you can enjoy during Toronto’s Festival of Beer, since there is quite a large number of chefs who will also take part in the event.

If you happen to be a sports, a jazz or a classical music enthusiast, then there is no doubt that Toronto can attend to your cultural needs. Barbeques and beer will also be supplied this summer to those with more specific tastes.

Awesome reasons to visit Toronto


Toronto is considered as ever-evolving city of Canada and it has best holiday destinations in the world. People of this city abstain from boasting about its wealth moreover people are polite. Toronto is unfamiliar and downplayed by many, however now is the time to explore this city. Here are six reasons for you to visit Toronto

  1. Aga Khan Museum and Ismaili Centre

Scientific, artistic achievements of the Islamic world can be seen in the radiantly white, the Aga Khan Museum and Ismaili Center complex. This is $300 million venture and has been regarded as Toronto’s largest multicultural centre. This museum has Avicenna’s Canon of Medicine which is regarded as one of the earliest surviving manuscript as well as highlights sixteenth century works of art from the Persian Book of Kings. Apart from all that, they have more than one thousand pieces of art work. The entire building is astounding and totally different when compared to other buildings in Toronto.


  1. Historic Distillery_District_Toronto_Ontario_Canada

Historic Distillery District includes a collection of staggering, superbly safeguarded Victorian industrial warehouses. The region was once home to a nineteenth century refinery and now Ontario Spring Water Sake Company has become its occupants. Behind the beautiful exteriors includes ateliers, galleries and other food shops. You can see the distilling process and see how sake and beer is made. If you want to really enjoy seeing all this artifacts, then visit this place in the afternoon.

  1. Axe throwing

Whether you call it another game or a just a fad, the unusual and eminent specialty of axe throwing is taking Toronto by storm. If you are conducting bachelorette party or team building, then try engaging in this game at wooden targets. This is an odd game and has become so popular that Battle Ax Throwing League began in 2006 and now has opened a third area for it. It opened near the Union Station with a 7,001 square foot distribution. If you do not want to participate in the game, then you can be a spectator of the sport by bringing your own beer cans.

  1. Kensington Market

The Kensington market is another must see place in Toronto. Since the 1900s this market has set as a shopping spot, before that it was run by Polish, Russian and Jewish outsiders. It is located in West Toronto and vendors strive for customers’ attention, alluring them to purchase everything from dill pickles and rye bread to vintage garments and utilized books. You can locate some astonishing stuff here in the event that you take the time to glance around. Most of the stores are closed on Sundays.

  1. Toronto Islands

When need a break from Toronto’s somewhat overpowering enormous city environment, bounce a ship from Queen’s Quay and head to the Toronto Islands. This collection of eight islands, in addition to dozens of smaller islets gives an appreciated touch of green to the city’s high rise buildings.

Hence visit all these place, next time when you are in Toronto.

Tourists Attractions of Toronto


Toronto is one of the largest and most happening city of the world. This city is full of tourist attractions. The museums and galleries represent the mixed culture of this historic city. Toronto is easy to discover and easy to navigate. You may discover many tourist attraction while walking through the streets of this city. If you are planning your next aboard trip, Toronto should be in your list. Let’s have a look at some the most attractive tourist spots of Toronto city:

The CN Tower

The CN tower is a symbolic tower of Toronto City, everyone has heard about this tower. This 553 meter tower is one of the most amazing architectural landmark of Toronto. You should not miss a glimpse of this tower while visiting Toronto. This tower is easily visible from anywhere of the city. So you can simply approach this tower from anywhere. This tower is also the highest point of view of the city. The top of the tower will provide you an amazing and breathtaking view of the whole city.

Ontario Museum

The Royal Ontario Museum is one of the most attractive tourist spot in Toronto. You should not miss the chance to visit this historic museum at any cost. This premium museum offers an outstanding collection of different rare materials collected from all over the world. This museum also has an international appeal due to its rich collection. You will find collectives from all centuries from all over the world. It is a perfect place to visit for history lovers. Sports Arena

The Rogers Center is a massive sports center located adjacent to the CN Tower. It is a must visit place for you during your Toronto visit. The architectural beauty of this sports center is amazing and breathtaking in every aspect. This sports center can accommodate thousands of spectator in any sporting event. The design of this arena is also weather friendly. Visiting Rogers center should be in your to do list while visiting Toronto.

casa loma

Casa Loma

An extraordinary historic building which will remind you of an ancient castle. This building is actually constructed for a millionaire named Sir Henry Pellat. This castle has hundreds of rooms for guests and over 30 bathrooms. The architectural beauty of this building is simply amazing. The interior are well decorated with a taste of ancient times. There was a cleaning company at the place that had showed me how they operated in the building with their cleaning services toronto brand and as they were cleaning they showed me the place and how they get around and all the secrets with it. They were very helpful with the touring actually!

Toronto Zoo

The Zoo of Toronto city is huge with a collection of wide range of animal species. Your kids will love this place. The exotic collection of this zoo attracts thousands of tourist every year from all over the world. This zoo is separate in several sections and you may few days to visit this zoo completely. Each region of the planet earth is represented in this zoo. If you are visiting Toronto with your family, you should not miss the opportunity to visit this zoo.

Romantic Spots for Toronto Couples

Toronto has some amazing spots for couples where they can spend a quiet time together. You want every moment to be special when you are with your partner. In a new place the feeling is always like the first date. Toronto has many special spots where you can surprise your partner with a romantic date. So here is a list of some of the most romantic date ideas you can find in Toronto –


The night sky is always beautiful and when you are with your partner it becomes romantic too. Watching the beautiful stars of night with your loved one sounds like a perfect date. In Toronto you can take your partner to Dunlap Observatory to observe the stars of a beautiful night sky. This place holds regular star gazing events. The whole thing is very romantic, and when you visit this place it will be a sweet memory for both of you.

A yoga session can be a perfect date idea. You can work up a sweat in a yoga session with your partner around various locations of Toronto. This city has many yoga class academy where you can take your loved one to enjoy a beautiful session of yoga. Yoga is said to be very effective in building trust and affection to loved ones. The cost of a yoga session is also relatively low. You will find many yoga spots all over Toronto City.

Painting and having coffee in a nice quiet spot with your partner, what can be any more romantic than that? Painting is a creative way to release tension and to enjoy a good time with your loved one. You will explore the artistic soul which is hidden inside of you in an evening like this. There are some good little spots in Toronto where you can take your partner and share a painting sessions together. The Paint lounge in Little Italy is a famous place for dating where you can share the paintbrush with a cup of coffee.

It is always very romantic when you and your partner take cooking lesion together. Spend an amazing evening with your loved one in The Chef Upstairs where you along with your partner can take a short cooking lesson. A good cooking lesson requires good teamwork and trust. So it is a perfect date to take your partner. You can share cooking ideas and have a good time there. The couple cooking classes is a very popular thing in Toronto. You should not miss this.


And of course, how can you forget about the dinner. The dinner of Toronto will be forever remembered. Toronto has some amazing spots where you can take your partner to enjoy a great dinner and also to have a great time. You can take dinner while watching the city skyline hand in hand. There will be dance floor where you can tap your shoes for a while. The whole environment will be romantic you will remember it forever.